LPRO is active in many park and ravine initiatives in and around our area, some of which are described below.  Although we have some lovely parks and other forms of green space, the City has identified Lytton Park, Yonge & Eglinton, and many North Toronto areas as park deficient relative to other areas of the City. LPRO advocates for park expansion, new parks, securing parkland when developments are proposed, and preserving our ravines.


Parks, Forestry and Recreation recently made improvements to the multi-use path running along the east side of the park: new light-stands were installed from Eglinton to Rosewell and a 3-metre asphalt path was laid. This work was the first phase of a project that began in 2019 when the City issued the Eglinton Park Master Plan. Prior to the release of the Master Plan various internal stakeholders, user groups and the public were given the opportunity to participate in stakeholder meetings. It was clear from these well-attended meetings that there are many different interests and ambitions for the future of this important community space.

After a 3-year hiatus due in part to Covid, the City has again turned its attention to the Eglinton Park Master Plan.

The City hosted two community meetings in the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023.  LPRO, other RAs in the area, representatives of soccer, baseball and skateboarding associations and other interested parties were in attendance as well as a representative from Councillor Colle’s office. City staff and their design and architectural consultants reviewed past community consultations that had taken place since 2017 and how the current plan was arrived at.  We then had the opportunity to provide comments on the following features:

  • North/south pathway from Eglinton Avenue to Roselawn Avenue
  • Dogs park/off-leash area
  • Skateboard stop (small skateboarding area)
  • Historic themed gardens
  • Central plaza area with water feature
  • Shade structures
  • Improvements to the existing stairs at Oriole Parkway

The latter two issues are not part of Phase I but were impacted by Phase I implementation. They will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.

Phase I will now include: North/South paved path on the west side (completed), a central spine walkway from Eglinton to the centre of the park with Indigenous gardens and shade structures, Skateboarding Spot, Dog Park, West side replacement of stairs. The existing baseball diamonds will stay in place. Construction is scheduled for Spring 2024.

It was made clear to stakeholders at the meetings that although community input is welcome, the final decisions will ultimately be made by the City and its design and architectural consultants.  

For details see: Eglinton Park Master Plan.


On September 13, The Bereaved Families of Ontario ( again held their Annual Butterfly Release in the Duplex Parkette, adjacent to their Healing Garden.  Each year, this event offers people a concrete way to honour the memory of their loved ones.  It was an inspiring and comforting event.
Due to Covid, there were both morning and afternoon release sessions and the event was live-streamed.  Over the course of the day approximately 90 people attended in person and another 24 online.  There were175 butterflies released in memory of 101 people.

Butterflies are symbols of hope, transformation, endurance and renewal.  Attendees have said that the day is ‘magical’ and a way to connect with and honour those they have lost as well as a way to come together as a community.  This is particularly important in our current period of social isolation.

The Healing Garden is at the entrance to the parkette, right next door to 2908 Yonge St (at the corner of Chatsworth). As an aside, the preservation of this cherished part of our parkland is one of LPRO’s priorities as it confronts large development creep on sites which border the park. To that end LPRO is pleased to announce that the developer of 2908 Yonge St. has agreed to make a donation to the Healing Garden as one of the conditions of the redevelopment of the site. (see writeup on 2908 Yonge Street)

From Councillor Mike Colle’s Newsletter:

“I am working with the Lytton Park Residents Organization and the community to rename the Duplex Parkette (2906 Yonge Street at Chatsworth) to Butterfly Park. This would align with the Healing Garden planted within the park where Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto hosts their annual Butterfly Release where butterflies are released in memory of lost loved ones.”


When the development application was submitted for the Capitol Theatre site, the developer attempted to purchase the land occupied by the Green P Parking Lot in order to extend the development to Duplex. LPRO was a strong voice in opposition to several aspects of the application, including advocating for green space on the parking lot site.

The sale of the parking lot to the developer did not proceed, and a portion of the parking lot land will be dedicated to a new park for our neighbourhood. Once the condo construction is complete in 2025, the larger park concept will be constructed. In the meantime the former parking lot has been transformed with basketball courts and pickleball nets for the use of the community.

For more information see Capitol Theatre Development


For over 20 years LPRO has organized the clean-up of the Chatsworth/Otter Creek Ravine as part of the City of Toronto’s Clean Up Days. The event is usually held on a city-designated Saturday in April. For more information see Ravine Clean-Up in Events.