Lytton Park Residents’ Organization (LPRO) is a group of volunteers committed to representing the interests of the residents of Lytton Park, a neighbourhood in the heart of North Toronto. We are working to improve the overall character of the area and encourage good government for our community and the City of Toronto. LPRO is a strong voice for the community.  If you are located within our area boundaries, we are YOUR residents’ association.

Boundary Map R2

Our activities include:

  • Organizing community events
  • Communicating information about issues of interest to our membership through our website, regular e-newsletters, and social media
  • Encouraging involvement by community members in issues that impact our neighbourhood
  • Advocating on a variety of local and city-wide matters
  • Liaising with elected officials and staff from all three levels of government
  • Working with other residents’ groups in North Toronto and other areas
  • Communicating with the local Uptown Yonge Business Improvements Area
  • Coordinating with diverse advocacy groups


Lytton Park is located in Ward 8 (Eglinton-Lawrence) in the City of Toronto, and the provincial and federal ridings of Eglinton-Lawrence. Our elected representatives are:

Toronto City Council: Councillor and Deputy Mayor Mike Colle
Email address: councillor_colle8@toronto.ca

Provincial Legislature: MPP Robin Martin, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health
Email address: robin.martin@pc.ola.org

Federal Parliament: The Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
Email address: marco.mendicino@parl.gc.ca

Toronto District School Board: Trustee Shelley Laskin
Email address: Shelley.Laskin@tdsb.on.ca

Toronto Catholic District School Board: Trustee Maria Rizzo
Email address: maria.rizzo@tcdsb.org


President and Secretary
Maureen Kapral

Maureen has been a resident in the Lytton Park neighbourhood since the 1970s. Her children attended the local schools. She first became involved with LPRO many years ago over a controversial traffic plan for the neighbourhood. She continues to be interested in traffic-calming, public transit and development.

Vice President
Robert (Bruce) Murray

Robert has lived in Lytton Park since 1987 and has been active with North Toronto youth soccer and hockey programs. He first joined the Board to work on the restoration of the Alexandra (Blvd) Gates. Robert brings invaluable IT skills to LPRO, and he and his wife Kathryn have taken many of the photos on LPRO’s website.


Vice President
Mel D’Souza

Mel has been a resident of Lytton Park since 2011. An accountant with a passion for solving business problems, Mel is an advocate for strong local communities, safe streets and sustainable local development.


John Gleason

John has been a resident of Lytton Park since 1988.  He has 3 children who attended JRR, Glenview PS and LPSS and is a career banker with an MBA. In addition to being a Board member, he has been Treasurer of LPRO since 2005.

Alicia Du

Alicia has been a resident of Lytton Park since 2016. She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves travel. She is primarily focused on the development issues in her neighbourhood and citywide.

Harold Smith

Harold has lived in the area since 1979. He has a strong interest in the environment including preserving and protecting Ontario’s Greenbelt, sustainable native plant gardening, protecting pollinators and advocating for a quieter and more sustainable Toronto. A retired architect, Harold also assists with development issues.

Tom Worrall

Tom has been a resident of the community since 1987. Co-founder and retired CEO of Ticketmaster Canada, Tom is primarily focussed on the safety of our sidewalks and streets regardless of how you use them.

LPRO also benefits from the assistance of many volunteers. If you wish to become more active in your community by getting involved with LPRO, please send an email to: lyttonparkresidentsorg@gmail.com


Lytton Park residents originally organized as a community group in the 1950/1960’s to successfully oppose a proposed subway stop that was planned for Lytton Blvd and Yonge St. The “station”, next to Snider Parkette, became a service-access only point for the Yonge line. In 1969, 500 Duplex, the 2.5 acre site fronting on Duplex Avenue from Roselawn Avenue south to Montgomery Avenue, was the subject of a 1969 rezoning application. A notice was sent to neighbouring homeowners stating that a development proposal had been submitted for a building with a density of 2.325 times the lot area, but it made no reference to the height of the building. It was not until 1971 that LPRO learned that a 37-storey tower would be built on a portion of the site. By this time the foundation was already under construction. LPRO appealed to City Council’s Buildings and Development Committee. After more than two months of negotiations between LPRO and the Developer, a deal to reduce the height of the tower by four storeys in exchange for townhouses on Roselawn and Duplex was reached. LPRO’s history with 500 Duplex continues to this day.

Many years later, in 1987, the resident group incorporated as Lytton Park Residents’ Organization Inc. Since then LPRO has maintained a high level of involvement in many important community issues serving the best interests of our residents.