One of the reasons Lytton Park is such a sought-after place to live is that we are fortunate to have large tree canopies, some open green spaces, and relatively quiet neighbourhoods given our central location within this busy and densely populated city.

At LPRO we are very mindful that protecting our environment, reducing noise and air pollution, and maintaining sustainable healthy parks and natural areas benefits everyone. We are active in a number of meaningful initiatives that encourage the elimination, reduction, or mitigation of harmful environmental practices.  The City has identified our area as park deficient relative to other areas of the City.  LPRO advocates for park expansion, additional parks, and securing parkland when developments are proposed.

Although protecting the environment is a global issue, we believe the solutions start right here at home.


Parks are a vital necessity for the mental and physical well-being of our residents and as such must be preserved and nurtured for the enjoyment of all residents.


As the positive effects of maintaining a landscape with native plants become better known, more and more people are making more sustainable choices for their lawns and gardens.


While Lytton Park, like many neighbourhoods across the City, is becoming noisier, noise regulations and enforcement have not kept up.