41 Chatsworth dr.


This is the site of the former church on the south side of Chatsworth Drive between Yonge and Duplex. In 2013 an application was submitted by Parkset Developments Inc. for a 6-7 storey building. The City, and the community through Developing Areas Responsibly in Toronto (DART), opposed this application. In 2016 the former Ontario Municipal Board rejected the proposal.

In 2017 a new proposal was submitted by 41 Chatsworth GP Inc. Although the height, gross floor area and density were noticeably reduced compared to the original proposal, the new proposal called for a 4-5 storey building which would be 17.2m tall facing Chatsworth and 18.8m tall facing Duplex Parkette due to the slope of the site. A preliminary report by City Planning for this proposal was considered by North York Community Council in February 2018. This report identified issues to be addressed and resulted in a community meeting.

The Developer appealed the application to LPAT in 2019. In October 2020 LPRO and DART requested and were granted Party Status in the LPAT appeal in order to allow us to fully engage in the process. In December 2020 City Council refused the application and recommended the City attempt to reach an agreement with the Developer, failing which the City will oppose the application at LPAT.



The Developer, the City, LPRO and DART have agreed to take part in mediation. If the mediation fails the case will proceed to LPAT. An LPAT hearing, expected to take 10 days, has been scheduled for May 3rd, 2021. In preparation for the mediation and possible LPAT hearing, LPRO and DART must retain experts. LPRO is asking the community for donations to help cover the costs.  Details can be found here.

Revised proposal viewed from Chatsworth Dr. (North)
Revised proposal viewed from Duplex Parkette (South)


The latest proposal, dated November 2020, is for a 5-storey building. With 12-13ft ceilings, that is almost the equivalent of 6 storeys. The portion of the building facing Chatsworth Drive, directly across the street from detached houses, would measure 21.8m/72ft in height. The building would be less than 3m/10ft from the Chatsworth front lot line – too close to the street. It would also be too close to Duplex Parkette. The rear of the proposed building facing the Parkette would measure 23.4m/77ft in height, towering over neighbouring homes. The west wall of the building would be setback only 1.9m/6ft from the house next door. The proposed density is over 600% of what is permitted on the site by the current Zoning Bylaw. In addition the Toronto Parkland Bylaw requires the Developer to dedicate 10% of the site as parkland. In this case it would be an expansion of the adjacent Duplex Parkette. The Developer has proposed to dedicate only 0.4% of the site to expand the Park, less than 1/20th of the required parkland dedication. This is an opportunity to improve an important neighbourhood park and we need to ensure that our community is not shortchanged.