2908 Yonge Street


Located at the southwest corner of Yonge Street and Chatsworth Drive, the site at 2908 Yonge Street served as a gas station for approximately 90 years. In December 2017 an application was submitted by Times Group to redevelop the site with a 13-storey building.

City Planning prepared a refusal report which was adopted by North York Community Council in March 2018. The application was found to be unacceptable for numerous reasons: excessive height and density, lack of setbacks and upper level step-backs, inappropriate transition to the neighborhood and adjacent park and the lack of an on-site parkland dedication. City Council refused the application in April 2018.

The Developer appealed City Council’s decision to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). LPRO sought and was granted Party Status in January 2019, allowing us to fully participate in the appeal process. With the financial support of the community, LPRO/residents were able to engage planning and legal expertise to prepare to take on an active role in the LPAT hearing, which was scheduled for February 2021.

Looking northwest to Yonge and Chatsworth


Three weeks before the scheduled LPAT hearing the Developer submitted substantially-revised plans which provided the City with an opportunity to settle. The settlement was approved by City Council on February 2, 2021. LPRO/residents were able to piggyback on this settlement and achieve some further concessions. The highlights of the approved proposal are as follows:

The building height was reduced from approximately 48m to 37m.

The number of units is reduced from 85 to 65, meaning less traffic and demand for shared services.

The development has provided 10% park space, in a POP (Privately-owned, publicly-accessible parkland) format, versus an original proposal of no parkland.

The revised design includes a rounded corner at Yonge and Chatsworth for greater pedestrian, cyclist and auto safety.

The building will have some stepbacks and setbacks providing a better visual outcome, and reduced shadowing on parks and streets.

LPRO/residents will be included in the site planning portion of approvals, with a specific focus on optimizing the park.

The Bereaved Families of Ontario will receive a special donation from the Developer to enhance the Healing Garden next door.

Thanks to donors LPRO was in a position to hire a professional planner and lawyer and participate as a Party in the proceedings. This status was instrumental in achieving a successful outcome, and shows how effective collaboration between LPRO and residents can be in ensuring the community’s voice is heard.

Typical Floor 3-6, Building Elevations Not Yet Available