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Eglinton Park Master Plan

Good News for Eglinton Park!

As many residents know Parks, Forestry and Recreation recently made improvements to the multi-use path running along the east side of the park: new light-stands were installed from Eglinton to Rosewell and a 3-metre asphalt path was laid.

This work was the first phase of a project that began in 2019 when the City issued the Eglinton Park Master Plan. Prior to the release of the Master Plan various internal stakeholders, user groups and the public were given the opportunity to participate in stakeholder meetings. It was clear from these well-attended meetings that there are many different interests and ambitions for the future of this important community space.

After a 3-year hiatus due in part to Covid, the City has once again turned its attention to the Eglinton Park Master Plan.

The City has scheduled three new community stakeholder meetings to discuss these plans. The first meeting was held on Dec 6th. LPRO, other RAs in the area, representatives of soccer, baseball and skateboarding associations and other interested parties were in attendance as well as Casey Richardson, Assistant Planning and Development Assistant from Councillor Colle’s office. The meeting was hosted by the City of Toronto and their design and architectural consultants.  They reviewed the past community consultations that had taken place since 2017 and how the current plan was arrived at.  We then had the opportunity to provide comments on the first of four phases of the project:

  • North/south pathway from Eglinton Avenue to Roselawn Avenue
  • Dogs off-leash area
  • Skateboard stop (small skateboarding area)
  • Historic themed gardens
  • Central plaza area with water feature
  • Shade structures
  • Improvements to the existing stairs at Oriole Parkway

The discussion focussed on pros and cons of having a dog park included in the design, where to best place the skateboard stop, did the soccer field have too much or not enough space and the issues with the proposed baseball field fence.  The latter two issues are not part of Phase I but were impacted by Phase I implementation. They will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.

It was made clear to stakeholders at the meeting that we are an advisory group to make recommendations only. The final decisions will ultimately be made by the City and its design and architectural consultants.  

If you have comments or questions regarding the plans for the park please sent them to: