A previous application for a 7-storey building at 41 Chatsworth was rejected by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2016. Developing Areas Responsibly in Toronto (DART) was a Party in that proceeding along with the City.

The developer’s current application is for 5-storeys (with 12-13ft ceilings, almost the equivalent of 6 storeys). The City’s Planning Dept and City Council have rejected the proposal and the developer has appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT, the successor to the OMB). The City, LPRO, and DART have Party Status at the LPAT hearing. LPRO and DART are working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the community. This will require community fundraising in order to retain the necessary experts to allow us to participate in the Appeal. DART, and LPRO in particular, have considerable experience advocating for the community on similar applications. We have played an important role in mitigating the worst elements of other building proposals in the neighbourhood and vicinity, including 250 Lawrence Ave West and 2908 Yonge St. We can make a difference.


The proposal faces a neighbourhood street and a neighbourhood park, with excessive height. The proposal is for a 5-storey building, with very tall floor heights in addition to a mechanical level. The portion of the building facing Chatsworth Drive, directly across the street from detached houses, would measure 21.8m/72ft in height. This is not an appropriate scale of development for a low-rise side street. The building would be less than 3m/10ft from the Chatsworth front lot line. The rear of the proposed building facing Duplex Parkette would measure 23.4m/77ft in height.

The proposal is out of context for the existing neighbourhood. The proposal does not respect the character of the neighbourhood, the City’s Official Plan, or the applicable Zoning Bylaw. The front of the building is too close to the street, the rear is too close to the Park and the proposed height would see it towering over neighbouring homes. The west wall of the building would be setback only 1.9m/6ft from the house next door. The proposed density is over 600% of what is permitted on the site by the current Zoning Bylaw.

The proposal does not contribute to expanding our parks, as required by the City. The Toronto Parkland Bylaw requires the Developer to dedicate 10% of the site as parkland. In this case it would be an expansion of the adjacent Duplex Parkette. The Developer has proposed to dedicate only 0.4% of the site to expand the Park, less than 1/20th of the required parkland dedication. This is an opportunity to improve an important Neighbourhood Park and we need to ensure that our community is not shortchanged.

The proposal would result in more neighbourhood traffic. The Developer has proposed an 89-car garage exiting directly onto Chatsworth Drive, which is a one-way street. Drivers would have no option but to drive through the neighbourhood.

The proposal would create a new precedent for new buildings up to 6 storeys in areas currently zoned for detached or semi-detached houses. This precedent could be applied to other large sites, encouraging developers to buy properties such as churches. It could also lead to developers consolidating multiple houses to rezone the land for condos. This proposal has the potential to open the floodgates.


To ensure that our community’s voice is heard at the 10-day LPAT hearing, LPRO and DART need to hire experts, and that comes with a cost. All efforts are being made to keep costs to a minimum. Funds raised are dedicated to this effort and money not spent will be refunded to donors on a pro-rated basis.

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