2400- 2444 Yonge Street


In June 2017, Roselawn & Main Urban Properties Inc. (the Developer) submitted a proposal to redevelop the lands at 2400, 2430, 2440 and 2444 Yonge Street. This site is located on the west side of Yonge Street between Montgomery and Roselawn. Planning staff wrote a report recommending the application be refused due to numerous issues identified. The initial proposal was subsequently refused by City Council in December 2017. The Developer appealed the City’s refusal to the Ontario Municipal Board (now LPAT). Both LPRO and the Eglinton Park Residents’ Association sought and were granted Party Status in the appeal, allowing full participation in the proceedings.

In the Fall of 2019 the Developer resubmitted their application for an even more aggressive proposal, which failed to recognize the concerns outlined by City Planning which had led to the proposal’s refusal in 2017. The revised proposal increased the height of the towers and podium, number of units, bulk of the towers and reduced setbacks from the lot lines. LPRO notified the Councillor and City Planning of our serious concerns with the revised proposal.

View from Yonge Street, facing west
View looking southwest on Yonge Street


All parties agreed to participate in mediation which took place in September 2020. The outcome of that mediation has not yet been made public. LPRO will provide an update when it becomes available.


The most recent proposal consists of two towers. The south tower, located immediately north of the Anne Johnston Health Station would be 27 storeys and 97.2m tall. The north tower, located at the southwest corner of Yonge and Roselawn would be 84.9m and 23 storeys tall. The two towers would be connected by a 12 storey podium. An 11 storey podium, west of the north tower, would face Roselawn Avenue.

The development would contain 687 condominium units and 6030m2 of retail. A 280-space parking garage would be accessed from Roselawn Avenue. The Developer would convey 5% of the site to the City to be used as a public parkette with frontage on Roselawn Avenue. The required parkland dedication is 10% of the site.