Eglinton-Lawrence Riding
2021 FEDERAL Candidates Meeting


Date:       Tuesday September 14, 2021

Time:       7 pm to 8:30 pm

574 households signed up for our Federal Candidates Meeting, organized by eight residents’ associations located in the Eglinton-Lawrence riding!

  • Avenue Road Eglinton Community Association (ARECA)
  • Bedford Park Residents Organization (BPRO)
  • Eglinton Park Residents’ Association (EPRA)
  • Lytton Park Residents’ Organization (LPRO)
  • South Armour Heights Residents’ Association (SAHRA)
  • Stanley Knowles Housing Co-operative
  • Upper Avenue Community Association (UACA)
  • York Mills Heights Residents’ Association (YMHRA)

The event gave voters in Eglinton-Lawrence an opportunity to hear each candidate’s platform followed by a question and answer session based on questions determined in advance.

The participation criteria for the Leaders’ Debates was used to determine who would be invited. The four candidates participating were:

Eric Frydman (Green Party)

Marco Mendicino (Liberal Party)

Geoff Pollock (Conservative Party)

Caleb Senneker (New Democratic Party)

For information on the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Eglinton-Lawrence, Tim Gleeson, see:

For more information regarding the event, including your feedback, please email:

Get a copy of flyer here: Federal Candidates Meeting Flyer