Snow Clearing

It’s that time of year again. The City’s winter maintenance crews are preparing for winter with a fleet of more than 1,400 pieces of snow cleaning equipment to mobilize quickly, 24/7, when the weather changes 

A reminder that road salting begins first. The plows come out when the snow is this deep:

  • 2.5 centimetres – expressways
  • 5 centimetres – major roads and transit routes
  • 8 centimetres – residential streets

The amount of time it takes to clear snow and ice depends on the weather, infrastructure type and location. Specific details are available on the City’s website.

Residents also have an important role to play in keeping streets safe during the winter. Property owners are responsible for clearing public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 12 hours of the end of snowfall when less than 2 cm of snow accumulates, as well as for keeping fire hydrants clear. The city will clear sidewalks for heavier snowfalls. 

Details about the City’s Winter Road Operations can be found online here.